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Oral Reading Fluency

Oral reading fluency is a measure of overall reading competence: the ability to translate letters into sounds, unify sounds into words, process connections, relate text to meaning, and make inferences to fill in missing information.

Letter Sounds

To understand the process of moving from letters to sounds to words, students must grasp that words are composed of individual sounds and understand the process of separating and manipulating words into sounds. The ability to identify sounds in words, to separate words into sounds, and to manipulate those sounds is phonemic awareness.

This report allows you to examine how different EGRA subtasks are related to each other by graphing their relationship. The first measure will appear on the vertical or Y axis, while the second appears on the horizontal or X axis.

Oral Reading Fluency and Letter Sound Identification

The figure shows the relationship between oral reading fluency and students ability to match sounds to letters.

Questions for Discussion

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Dark circles indicate too few cases for reliable estimate.