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Benchmarks for Oral Reading Fluency

Most recent assessment levels at

Egyptian grade 3 students reading at or above 45 CWPM.
Average percent score of reading comprehension for students at this oral reading fluency level.
Estimated probability that a student with this oral reading fluency score will be able to answer 80% or more of the comprehension questions they are asked about a passage they had just read.

NOTE: # indicates too few cases for reliable estimate.

For countries without data on the impact of an intervention, projections are based on data from another country where impact has been achieved and documented.

Percentage of Grade 3 Students Meeting Oral Reading Fluency Benchmark and Estimated Growth Assumptions*

Egypt is now the second middle-income state— and the first Arabic-language population— to consider setting benchmarks for reading proficiency in specific grades. Fact Sheet.

About this Chart

The figure above shows three estimates for the improvement in the percentage of students meeting the selected benchmark. These estimates are based on the Egypt Girls' Improved Learning Outcomes (GILO) study.
Learn More (PDF, 940 KB). Methodology for Projections

Questions for Discussion

The "partial impact" estimate shown above assumes that conditions for a national implementation of the program will likely not achieve the same results as a controlled trial.

What might be done to increase the likelihood that more of the gains associated with the program can be captured nationally?

Are there other factors you can think of that might accelerate progress towards achieving Egypt's national benchmark goals?

* Starting figure is from the most current survey. All other data are estimates.